I Sea Horses
I Sea Horses
I Sea Horses I Sea Horses

Six loveable seahorses that are sure to make a splash! I Sea Horses is a legend about a herd of wild horses that chooses a life of living in the sea as seahorses.

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The seahorse herd is led by Pegasus, a white stallion that has a vision that the wild herd's life of freedom on the land is about to end, and he must turn to the sea or the sky. He chooses to take his herd to find a new life in the sea and the herd transforms from earthy colored four-legged wild horses into a magical tropical herd of blue, green and pink seahorses.

Watch the white stallion Pegasus magically change into a Seahorse in our animated story.

The magic of myth will make you believe!

Read the story, "I Sea Horses, From Sky to Sea" and watch the magical seahorse characters come to life in our new line of plush seahorses with twinkling starfish lights.

I Sea Horses